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Relying on your employer and only one source of income is actually risky.

There could be a downturn in that industry. Perhaps your employer is just bad at managing the business and hence it gets into financial trouble. Plus in a job, there is often a limit placed on what you can earn.

That’s why many people are starting side hustles – little micro businesses (that sometimes become major businesses) to provide another source of income.

How you use this extra income is up to you. Maybe you invest it for the future, use it to pay off debts or put towards a goal like a holiday.  That is what’s great about having a side hustle you have more choices.

In this episode I chat to Alisha Hannah a mum of 3 who whilst working full time started a side business. Yes I feel exhausted just typing that but Alisha is going to tell us how she manages it. She is also going to be sharing in this podcast:

  • how she picked what business to start
  • what she wish she knew when she first started
  • advice for people thinking of starting side hustles
  • her future expansion plans

When you buy from a business like Alisha’s you are supporting not only a small business but a family. So the next time you have a birthday party, teachers gifts or Secret Santa think of supporting a business like The Bliss Cartel:

  • www.facebook.com/theblisscartel
  • www.etsy.com/au/shop/TheBlissCartel

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