If this money stuff feels overwhelming...

But you are ready to take control of
your finances...

Then My Money Buddy Accelerator
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 Can you relate to this?

👉 You earn good money and feel like you should be saving more. You have tried to budget but it never works and you are frustrated that you can’t seem to get ahead.

👉 Perhaps you have some goals you want to achieve (buy a house, have a family, start a business, retire early etc) but you don’t know what’s possible. So you procrastinate and do nothing and as a result you feel stuck.

👉 You have never looked at your superannuation. You have no idea if you are in a good fund, paying too much in fees and whether you will have enough to retire.

👉 Maybe you are already good at saving but want to know if you could be doing something better than just paying off your mortgage.

👉 Perhaps you have kids and you worry about their future. You want to start investing for them but aren’t sure where to begin and worry about making a mistake.

👉 Maybe you are financially single and want to stay that way. You want to take steps to be financially independent whether you are in a relationship or not.

👉 Maybe you have already started investing but want to further your education around property and shares and what else you could be doing.

If one or more of the above rings a bell to you...

My Money Buddy could be just the answer you’ve been looking for, to finally take charge of your money and develop a plan for financial freedom.

Join our community of smart, overachievers who want more from life.


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“We wish we saw you years ago...”


I first started in financial planning nearly 2 decades ago helping retirees.

I’ll never forgot the feeling of hopelessness I often experienced as I would hear these retirees say we wish we saw you years ago. As they now didn’t have the health to travel or were going to run out of money and have to rely on the age pension.

That’s why when I started my own business I choose to work only with people in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s to help them master their money and live a life they love now so they aren’t living for retirement.

But traditional financial planning doesn’t work for my generation. Aside from being expensive it can also promote a product or property making it conflicted.  

So that’s why I created My Money Buddy to educate you about money so you maximise what you have and can do more of what you love.

Lisa (41) & Dan (42)

I was worried budgeting meant having to start cutting back on things. 
However, it ended up being the total opposite!

We’ve managed to save half of what we want in our Emergency fund already, which we're pretty happy with. And our property and holiday accounts are both growing pretty quickly.

It really makes me wonder where our money was going before My Money Buddy.”

Amie & Sean (39)

"I realised I was in the wrong super fund and it had cost me thousands. It was also great to understand investment bonds and have these set up for the kids because I worried they would never be able to afford to buy a house.”


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